Microneedling For Hair Loss : Sign of Balding And Tips

Microneedling For Hair Loss : Sign of Balding And Tips

Hair loss is a common problem in all parts of the world. It affects the young and the old. The problem also affects all genders.

In most cases, hair loss leaves us feeling less confident about the way we look. Sometimes, it even affects how we feel about ourselves.

Hair loss may make us wonder whether we take good care of ourselves. We end up asking ourselves questions about our daily life choices and whether they affect our appearance.

More often, the hair loss we experience is not our fault. It may be because of the drugs we are taking or inadequate information about our hair products. Regardless of the cause, hair loss is a saddening experience.

Luckily, there are solutions available and tools that can help with hair loss. You should look at microneedling for your hair loss

Microneedling For Hair Loss At Home

Microneedling For Hair Loss

Have you heard microneedling for regrowing your hair at home? It is an alternative to hair transplants and other invasive medical procedures that are expensive.

Microneedling is this relatively new procedure that makes your hair grow faster. It is done using a device called a derma roller. The device is made of a roller with many tiny needles. These needles are short, usually 0.25mm. It also has a handle for easy rolling.

The beauty procedure wasn’t as popular as it is now. Not many people knew about it. Though it was first used in 1905, it only recently became popular. The allure of aging gracefully led people to microneedling. Its miraculous effect on the skin probably made it popular among ladies all over the world.

Once the discovery was made about its effect on hair, more people joined the movement.

Now, before microneedling at home, you must find out the cause of your hair loss. It helps to know what is causing your hair to fall off or to stop growing. Your dermatologist will best advise you on this.

Several Reasons Why You May Start Losing Hair

  • Stress – Many people are probably experiencing hair loss because of the daily stress they have to endure.
  • Medical conditions – Some medical conditions such as alopecia may result in hair loss.
  • Medication – There are drugs that lead to hair loss such as radioactive drugs.
  • Family genes – Male pattern baldness is as a result of a hereditary gene in the family lineage

Signs of Balding

Hair grows can be indicating in four stages that involve your hair follicle shrinking to detaching from the skin. In the normal hair growth cycle, new hair begins to grow under the older and detached hairs. However, in the case of balding, new hair fails to grow once the older hair has detached which leads to hair loss and eventually becomes balding.

You want to be aware of the signs of balding or hair loss by frequently grooming your hair and/or beard. For example, some beards grow to leave bald patches that are noticeable once you start extensively growing your beard. It is common to find balding patches around the chin area. Regularly checking your beard growth will make you know these areas.

Also, you should aware, the sign of balding could possibly happen at an early age between 18 to 20 years old.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Hair Loss Pattern

The onset of male pattern baldness depends on your family history but most cases usually start after puberty (past 20 years). It either starts at the top or front of the head. You will notice an abnormal hair growth pattern that is characterized by hair thinning and hair loss at the top or front of the head. Sometimes early balding patterns at the top of the head may be hidden by large afros which create an illusion of healthy hair.

If you have family members with baldness, always be on the lookout for the onset of baldness.

For ladies, thinning of hair at the top or crown of your head signals female pattern balding. Sometimes hair loss may be experienced at the edges of the hair.

Signs You Are Regoing Bald

Sign of Regoing Balding

It is also possible for balding patterns to recur. Stopping your hair loss treatment may result in a recurrence of balding especially where balding is hereditary. The signs are similar to those of male or female patterns baldness.

If you see the sign of balding again, you should consider treating your scalp to be more careful because rehappening balding means your scalp gets stressed and it might take more time than the first time balding.

In some cases, excessive dandruff may be a sign of hair thinning or potential hair loss.

Take Next Steps With Microneedling For Hair Loss

Once you know your problem, you want to stop it early stage. Finding a solution is the next step, which is probably why many of you are here.

Microneedling is the best way of dealing with hair loss at home. Its simplicity means that anyone can do it at their own convenience.

You just need a high-quality derma roller for microneedling at home. Once you have a derma roller, you have about 80% of your hair loss problems solved.

So, how does the derma roller directly effect to hair growth?

Your body produces proteins essential for the skin and for hair growth. These proteins are produced naturally and daily. They are also produced when the skin is hurt. Collagen is responsible for the scarring on the skin (or scalp) after an injury.

The derma roller works by mimicking an injury on the surface of the skin. With its micro needles, it makes tiny holes that are deep enough for the body to notice while also small enough that they are not injurious or painful.

Once the body notices the injuries, it produces more of the protein known as collagen. As a result, the hair will grow in the area. In case you microneedle on a scarred area, it will improve the appearance of the skin there.

If you like to detail a guide about microneedling at home, please check this article: How To Do Microneedling At Home.

Also, you should check out how to take care after done microneedling at home: Tips For Microneedling After Care.

For people who use hair growth oils or serums, using a derma roller complement to achieve fast results. It will help to make it easier to penetrate into the dermis through microchannels created by the micro-needling process.

Microneedling For Hair Loss With Hair Growth Serum

Hair Loss With Hair Growth Serum

If you’ve ever planted, you’re probably familiar with what may be happening here.

Before farmers plant, they first prepare their lands. They till the land then apply some fertilizer on it. Digging the land makes it easier for fertilizer to get into the soil. Therefore, farmers get a plentiful harvest from this.

Similarly, with hair growth, we first prepare our scalp with the derma roller. It makes tiny holes that make it easier for the hair growth serum to enter our scalp.

Hair growth serum works as a sort of fertilizer for the hair. It enters the scalp and goes to the root. Once it reaches the root, it starts its work of making hair grow.

Sometimes, some of our hair stops growing. The serum goes to the roots of these hairs and causes them to start growing again. Also, it promotes the hair that has never grown to start growing.

You Need High-Quality Hair Growth Serum Like Minoxidil To Regrowth Your Hair

A good serum will also stop your hair from falling off and make the hair and scalp healthier and stronger. Eventually, your hair grows more and fuller when you stop losing your hair.

Just like fertilizers, hair growth serum has nutrients that your hair needs. Your hair needs good food to keep it growing and healthy. Hair growth serum gives your hair a reason to be happy.

Sometimes we are caught up in our busy schedules. We become unable to take care of our hair as we would like. Our hair then starts falling off.

Hair growth serum stops damage to our hair. It then starts the process of healing our hair, just like fertilizer treats the soil.

The result is hair that grows thicker and faster. Those experiencing hair loss will appreciate the voluminous effect of hair growth serum and microneedling/ derma roller.

Other Benefits of Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serum is a really good fertilizer and promotes healthier hair but there are other benefits from hair growth serum such as the hair growth serum protects our hair from the dust and pollution in the air.

Did you know that even the sun can be bad for hair? UV rays from the sun can damage our hair when we expose our hair. Therefore, most hair growth serums have UV protection that keeps our hair safe from the harmful rays.

If you don’t want to use hair oils, you can replace them with hair growth serums. They can keep your hair safe without the sticky effects of oil.

Now, just like in farming, you want hair growth serum that suits your hair’s needs.

There are different serums on the market with different formulations. The hair growth serums have different uses based on what they are made from. You should buy a hair growth serum that has what your hair really needs.

Minoxidil and other Ingredients for Hair Regrowth

Ingredients For Hair Loss Products

Minoxidil – It is a common drug that doctors prescribe to those suffering from hair loss. You can also find it in low concentrations in some hair growth serums. Minoxidil is important is reversing hair loss and improving thinning hair. Therefore, hair growth serums containing minoxidil may offer the best results.

Zinc – It is an important mineral in hair growth. People with hair loss were found to have low levels of zinc. Therefore, hair growth serums containing zinc will probably have the best effect.

Keratin – Hair is mostly made up of this. Some hair growth serums may contain keratin to help the body produce more hair. It is important for hair growth and for thicker hair as well. Look for products that have keratin if you want longer and thicker hair.

Biotin – It is important for hair structure. Due to its effect on hair structure, using it will result in hair that looks fuller.

Vitamin E – We had mentioned that hair growth serums protect our hair from any damage. Vitamin E makes this protection possible. All good hair growth serums must have Vitamin E.

Fish-based oils  These include oils like Omega-3 fatty acids. They help make the hair look luxurious.

Menthol – When you massage hair growth serum with menthol on the scalp, it increases blood flow to the scalp. More blood means more nutrients for the hair. Your hair will grow faster and thicker because of menthol.

You Should Avoid Those For Your Hair Growth!

You Should Avoid Those For Your Hair Growth

Conversely, there are also products that you wouldn’t want to touch your hair. These products contain ingredients that not only dry out your hair but also lead to hair loss in extreme cases.

  • Alcohol – In addition to drying out your hair, alcohol products dry out your skin. Look out for alcohol mostly in hair gel products. You want hair gels that are alcohol-free to keep your hair looking healthy.
  • Sulfates and lathering ingredients – Most can be found in cheap shampoos. They strip your natural hair color and drain your hair off its natural oil. High sulfate levels will also leave your hair looking dry and unhealthy. When buying shampoo, select products that have very low to no sulfates.
  • Plastic hairbrushes – They have a tendency of breaking hair which can hinder your hair growth. Therefore, use brushes that are made from natural materials such as boar hair brushes.
  • Parabens – They are used to kill bacteria in water-based solutions which is a good thing. However, they can also damage human cells below the skin surface potentially leading to scalp irritation and hair loss. Most beauty products are paraben-free these days. Just ensure that those you are buying are clearly indicated paraben-free.
  • Fragrance  It is probably the most misleading ingredient on many hair and body products. Most contain a mixture of chemicals that are not only damaging to your hair but also to your nervous system. When buying hair products, select those that are fragrance-free. If you want products with fragrance, select those that are only scented with essential oils.

List of Products That Must Be Used Cautiously For Hair Loss

There are some ingredients in hair products that are best used in combination with others. Due to some of their properties, they may end up doing more damage than good to the hair. Their use should also be in moderation to prevent any damages from excessive use of the products.

  • Silicone-based products – Silicone adds protection to the hair. It coats the hair surfaces protecting it from dust and other harmful substance in the air. However, the protective layer may also prevent nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft. If you must use silicone-based products, use them intermittently to allow nutrients time to penetrate the shaft.
  • Protein-based conditioners – Proteins are essential in strengthening the hair; however, you do not want conditioners that only contain protein. Excessive protein makes the hair lose its natural elasticity causing it to break when brushing. It can also lead to hair that appears straw-like especially if your hair was previously damaged. Always use conditioners with proteins and moisturizers to maintain the perfect balance of strength and hydration.
  • Salt sprays – They can quickly dry out your hair. Use salt sprays with argan oil to keep your hair hydrated.

2% to 5% Minoxidil For Growing Hair And Some Recommendation

5% Minoxidil For Growing Loss With the number of products available in the market, it may be hard selecting the most reliable product. In order to save you some time, we have a few recommendations that will work with our products.

Firstly, you need a good shampoo for your hair. When selecting your shampoo, go for products that are specifically for hair loss. You also want to select products based on the guidelines we’ve stated above. Always read the labels before buying a product. Most good anti-hair loss shampoos are made from organic raw materials which makes them scalp friendly.

For the hair growth serums, Rogaine has a wide selection of products with hair growth serums containing 2% to 5% of minoxidil. Their selection includes hair products for ladies and beard products for men. You may opt for other products if they have minoxidil and are free from the harmful substances we listed above.

When selecting beard oils and serums, you want products that are made from natural ingredients. Where possible, ensure that the ingredients are organic as they are best for any skin type. If there is a fragrance-free option, consider them over scented products.

Most of the hair growth serums we suggested cost less than $50 dollars and can last up to 3 months of moderate use.


Microneedling for hair loss at home is a popular alternative to more invasive hair loss surgeries. It is affordable, convenient and works well for most types of hair loss.

Aside from microneedling, you also need complementary hair growth products. Products that work best are those that contain ingredients such as Minoxidil among others mentioned in this article. Always go for organic products for the best results.

To prevent extensive damage to your hair, knowing the causes and signs of hair loss is crucial. We recommend regular at-home check-ups to ensure that your hair is always at its best.

Lastly, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your hair and beard looking their best.


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