Microneedling Aftercare Tips From Skincare Expert

Microneedling Aftercare Tips From Skincare Expert

The microneedling aftercare will all depend upon the Microneedling you choose. You can spend your precious time worrying about fixing the side effects due to the degree of your treatments; where some will pay up to two weeks to repair, then feeling uncertain if Microneedling was the right choice for them or, you can feel at ease knowing it was the best thing you have ever gifted your skin

The pure mission and purpose of your treatments are to reawaken your skin. If you become lazy, it will slow down the reproduction of new cells. You see, throughout the years, your skin has suffered enough. This is why it has slowed down to the point of laziness, which is the results of aging looking skin.

Microneedling Should Be Helpful For You

It is evident that the cosmetic industry has taken their findings of this incredible Microneedling discovery; and, to my knowledge, has gotten out of control with this powerful tool. Some are using up to 3mm needles resulting in bleeding and painful treatments. 0.25mm needles should be the safest size to use, especially for your home treatment, which is painless, fewer side effects and can be used more frequently.

Another important of 0.25mm, with results that are absolutely spectacular with fast improvement to the appearance of youthful-looking skin. Indeed, which is the natural state of your skin!

The Cosmetic Industry And The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Who am I? Well, I am just another Guru for your skin’s Great Awakening. I was spending 30 + years working as a skincare specialist, and a new product developer with breakthrough products awarded as an innovator within the fast-moving competitive cosmetic industry.

There has never been a time more than now for the powerful breakthrough(s) within the skin care industry. Unfortunately, most are not in harmony with the natural state of your skin; therefore, most are not to my preference.

You see, to return your skin into its youthful, natural state, you must understand why it is not in its natural state, resulting in aging looking skin. It is puzzling to me that most within the cosmetic industry is trying to fix something that they do not understand how it got broken in the first place.

Aging Looking Skin: Your Quest For Answers 

So what is the cause of aging looking skin? Is it the process of time?

No, absolutely not, for, one can look and feel 20 or 30 as they are approaching 50 or 60 or even older, whether you believe it or not. Is it the harsh chemicals within your environment, your diet, or perhaps exposure to the sun? No, it is not.

Once you are aware of the real cause of aging looking skin, it is my absolute promise to you that it shall release the confusion within your long search for answers.

The reason is so simple, yet, is it too simple for man and their science? Most humans believe it has to be more complicated, but it is not.

It shall be clear to you, that no matter what your age, you can improve the appearance of your skin back into its youthful, natural state.

Microneedling Side Effects

Side Effects For Microneedle Roller

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of not exposing your skin to direct sunlight after Microneedling due to risking pigmentation disorder.

This is a result of melanin cells reproducing and working in full force for the protection of your skin. Remember, Microneedling will reawaken your skin for faster cell reproduction.

I fully recommend the procedures to be done in the comfort of your home to prevent leaving a location and risking sun exposure.

To avoid further side effects from Microneedling, skin peeling or exfoliating treatments are not recommended during treatments and should be avoided. Rosacea conditions should avoid Microneedling all together.

Many Microneedling services and productivity tools on the market that are often using much thicker and longer needles that claims of painful, severe side effects resulting in bleeding, bruising, broken capillaries, infections, and some with long term damage to the skin.

Treating yourself at home with Microneedling treatments with the safest sized needles of 0.25mm in length will leave you with little side effects, if any, perhaps common redness due to your skin’s stimulation, which will vanish shortly afterwards; resulting in painless treatments with absolutely no risk of damaging your skin and leaving your skin with fast and spectacular results.

Chose carefully what to put on your skin after Microneedling

After your home Microneedling treatments, it is best to use products that are in its purest state, due to your skin’s ability to absorb the products more profoundly.

Cosmetic label’s little secrets – just to name a few

Spending years working in labs and manufacturing within the cosmetic industry, I developed a passion for pure, organic, and vegan products for a good reason. Most of the products within the industry consist of ingredients that do not belong on ones’ skin, though the labels may convince you differently.

They consist of ingredients for marketing purposes mainly to prolong the shelf life of the products, emulsifiers to prevent separation, ingredients from improving the texture and color, and aromas to prevent odors due to animal by-products.

When reading the labels, the first ingredient listed on the package is what it contains the most. If the first ingredient is water, the product is 80% diluted with water. The last ingredient is what consists the least, meaning it only consists of 1% or less of that ingredient.

What to suit on your skin for Microneedling Aftercare At home

Home Skincare after dermarollering

Many people worry about the Microneedling aftercare at home. Do not overthink, At-home microneedling is really easy and simplest to do skincare by yourself. However, just remember that do not apply anything on your skin for 6 to 12 hours except your topical products such as a serum, oil, and moisturizer. For some, it may be less time, depending on how long your skin takes to become at ease. After this time, only use cool or tepid water on your treated area.

Cleanse And Soothe

To cleanse and soothe your skin, use Witch Hazel water and make sure it is pure, alcohol-free, and alcohol has not been used through the distillation process. Witch Hazel is pure and safe to use, holding powerful soothing and healing properties. 

Protection During Day

To protect your skin, use Sweet Almond Oil. It is the lightest oil to use, can be applied to any skin types or conditions, consisting of Zinc, Omega-3, and Vitamins A, E and K. It has antioxidant properties and helps in producing new skin cells including melanin cells for sun protection. Commercial sunscreen products often contain numerous ingredients that do not belong on your skin. 

Outdoor Protection

For outdoor protection from sun exposure, use half Sweet Almond oil and half pure organic non-refined Coconut Oil. Your skin will love you for it. Coconut oil not only helps to protect your skin from the sun, but it also improves your skin’s elasticity, contributing as an anti-aging agent. It is high in Vitamin-E, resulting with antioxidant properties. Also, don’t forget to use Vitamin C serum that is powerful antioxidant properties (I am not going to emphasize wearing Sun Block because you should know what to do with it). 

Nourish Your Skin

To nourish your skin, Ylang-Ylang essential oil is known to balance the sebaceous gland of the skin to prevent excess oiliness or dryness.

It enhances circulation, and at the same time, it has a calming effect on your skin. The ylang-Ylang essential oil also promotes the growth of new skin and helps to keep your skin moisturized (hydrated).

To prevent side effects from Microneedling, only use Ylang-Ylang essential oil at night. Ylang-Ylang essential oil is an active ingredient and should not be used during the day, especially not in direct sunlight.

Always use 100% pure essential oil to benefit from the therapeutic properties. Never use essential oils alone directly on your skin, always use with a carrier oil.

For your face, it is essential to use only one drop of Ylang-Ylang essential oil mixed in with the Sweet Almond oil, which is your carrier oil. 

Easy instructions For Microneedling Aftercare At Home For Your Skincare Routine

Here is some helpful skincare routine that you can use it after microneeding before returning to your regular skincare regiment. You can decide according to the time needed for replenishing.

Microneedling Aftercare For The Morning Routine

Cleansing: Soak a cotton pad with Witch Hazel water. Gently pat on your face, do not rub. Avoid exposing directly into your eyes. Leave on for a few seconds. Rinse by cool water. Pat to dry and do not rub.

Daily Protection: Apply 5 drops of Sweet Almond Oil in the palm of your hand, rub into your palms, and gently pat onto your face.

Take your middle fingers and gently massage your face with a small circular motion in an upward motion until absorbed. Sweet Almond oil is safe to use around the eye area, but avoid direct contact with eyes.

Outdoor Protection: Apply Sweet Almond Oil as above with added Coconut Oil in a 50/50 mixture.

Microneedling Aftercare For The Evening Routine

Cleansing: Soak a cotton pad with Witch Hazel water. Pat on your face until your skin feels moist.

Absorb a fresh cotton pad with water and gently wipe over your face in an upward movement to remove the dirt accumulated from the day.

Rinse by cool water. Pat to dry and do not rub.

Nighttime nourishing: Apply 5 drops of Sweet Almond Oil and 1 drop of Ylang-Ylang essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub into your palms, and gently pat onto your face.

Take your middle fingers and gently massage your face with a small circular motion in an upward motion until absorbed.

Should I Use Retinol After Microneedling?

Retinol After Microneedling

Retinol is in the family of Vitamin-A and is commonly derived from animals used by the cosmetic industry.

Retinol is known to be beneficial in maintaining healthy-looking skin. However, it is not helpful with Microneedling treatments because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and vulnerable to environmental toxins.

It can also show mild or often severe side effects if used during Microneedling.

Good news to all you retinol lovers. Sweet Almond Oil indeed contains a source of retinol due to its high content of Vitamin-A, and it is balanced with a top source of Vitamin-E and K.

Therefore, using Sweet Almond Oil is a perfect balance without leaving any harmful side effects on your skin. Also, it is 100% plant-based, and the retinol is in its natural state where it belongs.

Aloe Vera For Microneedling Aftercare

Alo Vera for Microneedling Aftercare

The miraculous healing properties of Aloe Vera are known to benefit your skin after your home as Microneedling aftercare.

I thought it is best not to apply anything on your skin a few hours after treatment. If done correctly at home, Microneedling will leave you with no side effects, but some may experience mild redness.

Aloe Vera is a safe and effective way to treat many symptoms of sensitivity to your skin; it has a soothing sensation and calming effect for inflammation or irritation. It also helps in balancing your skin’s sebaceous gland to prevent excessive oiliness or dryness.

Due to the sensitivity of your skin after Microneedling, it is important to use the purest form of Aloe Vera with no added ingredients.

Many Aloe Vera sold on the shelves will be labeled as pure Aloe Vera Gel, but most have been processed with high heat to produce to gel-like appearance.

The purest Aloe Vera available on the market is actually called Aloe Vera Juice Gel. When the gel is extracted from the plant, it naturally turns into a liquid, then exposing the liquid to very high temperatures to create a gel substance.

In this process, it may cancel out the therapeutic properties of Aloe Vera.  You can find Aloe Vera Juice Gel at your local health food store. If not, you can purchase it online through the Aloe Vera experts or growers.

How To Reduce Redness During The Microneedling Aftercare

For best results in reducing redness after Microneedling, is to perform your treatments at home, this will help prevent sun exposure before and after your treatments.

Though due to the stimulation your skin is receiving from Microneedling, some skin types may be experiencing redness due to sensitivity, which is perfectly normal with sensitive skin.

To help in reducing the redness, do not apply anything on your skin for a few hours after Microneedling, especially after your first treatment.

The time differs for everyone depending on the results after the treatment. Once your skin had the time to return, at least you can apply cool chamomile tea water, which will have a calming affect on your skin.

Aloe Vera Juice Gel is also beneficial to reduce redness. Another amazing ingredient that may soothe the redness is pure Witch Hazel water. Please remember, to drink any alcoholic beverages before and after Microneedling treatments is not good to prevent inflammation of the skin. And remember to increase your consumption of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Make-up During The Microneedling Aftercare

makeup after microneedling

You are applying make-up too soon after Microneedling can interfere with the results of your treatment. Depending on the side effects of your treatment, if any, you may have to wait 2 days and others up to a week to prevent comedones and inflammation. Your skin will be more prone to the absorption of toxins after Microneedling. Home use Microneedling results in fewer side effects and sensitivity to the skin, and make-up may be applied sooner.

Please try to save your foundations after your Microneedling treatment. However, if you need to wear make-up, you can use a touch of powered shadow on your eyelids and a little shine to your lips, preferably organic Coconut Oil.

When Microneedling Aftercare period is over, you will start seeing significant improvement with your skin by looking firmer, smoother, a healthier glow, and a more youthful color tone (But be aware, you need to do more than just one session of microneedling to see a great improvement).

Therefore, you may have a desire to permanently leave out your foundation all together due to your confidence in flawless skin.

Numerous ingredients in make-up are not healthy skin-friendly. Once you begin your new journey with Microneedling, you may want to change your make-up habits into healthier and safer product choices.

All organic mineral make-up would be the right choice. Of course, it will all depend on how much you want to change!

A Note In Closing

The famous saying, “Beauty is more than Skin Deep,” remains valid for, when beauty is also within oneself, it will be seen in a powerful way on the surface of ones’ skin. Healthy eating habits and keeping your body hydrated with plenty of water will show evidence of health on your skin. And most importantly, healthy thoughts will reflect healthy skin!

Practicing those healthy habits along with your home Microneedling treatment shall create faster results and most likely no side effects, resulting in fabulous looking skin.

Be kind to your skin, and be kind to yourself! All is well!

Marie Poirier 
Just another Guru for your Skin’s Great Awakening

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