What Is Microneedling; Overview, Benefits, And Cost

What Is Microneedling; Overview, Benefits, And Cost

In beauty, microneedling is fast becoming popular. It changes how your skin looks by adding more proteins that are good for your skin. These proteins are known as collagen.

Collagen is not only good for your skin, but also for growing your hair on the face and scalp. Men can also use it to help their beards grow faster.

You can get that youthful look from microneedling. It tightens the skin, therefore, reducing scars and overstretched skin. It is excellent against cellulite. Microneedling is a delicate process, working beauty miracles!

Are you having problems with your skin like acne scars? Microneedling will help clear those as well. You need to be in good health without any skin conditions that have been there for long.

The process is quite simple. It is so simple that anyone can do it from home. Some may still prefer going to the clinic if their skin needs more attention.

Microneedling Overview


  • Microneedling uses a razor-like tool with a rolling head known as a derma roller. The derma roller head has many tiny needles.
  • At-home devices are 0.25mm in length.
  • Good needles are made from metals like titanium and surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Derma rollers meant for clinic use have longer needles.
  • Microneedling increases the production of essential skin proteins.
  • The proteins smoothen your skin for a youthful look and able to regrowth hair on specific areas. 
  • For men, your beards can grow faster using microneedling. 
  • It also helps your body take in topical products faster through your skin.


  • People who have done microneedling before say it is safe.
  • The needle pricks are very shallow.
  • You may feel some pain after microneedling, usually lasting a short time.
  • It is dangerous for people with skin conditions or pregnancies.
  • Be careful when buying products for microneedling.


    • It usually takes a short time.
    • You can do it at home or visit a skin care clinic.
    • At the clinic, it will take a longer time,
    • You will notice its effects after many sessions.


    • It costs between $100 -$700 if you are getting it from a clinic. 
    • Doing it at home will cost between $10-$200. 
    • Microneedling from home is cheaper because you only need to buy a derma roller.
    • Insurance companies do not cover microneedling.


    • Microneedling makes your skin look better.
    • Reduces scars and evens your skin tone.
    • It also reduces wrinkles in aging skin.
    • Microneedling helps reduce cellulite.
    • It reduces the time topical products or drugs to enter your body when you apply them on your skin.
    • Microneedling improves beard and hair growth.

    Targeted Microneedling Areas

    • Area of your skin with an uneven tone.
    • Sagging skin. 
    • Areas of the body with cellulite.
    • Scars on the face. 
    • Fine lines and wrinkles. 
    • The beard growth areas on the face with hair loss.

    Not Recommended For

    • Pregnancy
    • Active acne.
    • Skin conditions.
    • People on drugs that affect blood circulation.
    • Patients who are going through some form of radiation.

    How Does It Work?

    Our skin is alive! Whenever it gets hurt, it starts healing itself. It leaves scars that are like memory boxes. Some are good memories, while others are memories we want to forget.
    Sometimes this healing may be imperfect, leaving behind ugly scars. We may want to get rid of the scars because of their ugliness. We may also want to get rid of them to forget the past.

    Whenever we get hurt, the skin causes the body to produce proteins. The skin uses these proteins to heal itself.
    Microneedling works by using the same process to get better-looking skin. It causes small pricks on your skin. Your skin reacts because of the tiny pricks. More blood flows to where the pricks are.
    The skin starts giving out more proteins. These proteins are arranged to look better than the old ones there. The new proteins replace the old ones leaving your skin looking younger.

    In beard and hair regrowth, where your beard and hair grow, the proteins can help them grow faster. These proteins are like hair food for your beard and hair on the scalp. The more you produce them, the faster your hair grows. In a short time, you can have a thick beard and hair.

    Microneedling Procedure; Does Microneedling Hurt?

    microneedling at the clinic

    Before you do this, you must talk to your skin doctor. The doctor will help you make the right choice for your skin.
    You can do microneedling either at home or at a clinic. It is different in each of these places. At the clinic, it is done by a trained doctor. However, you can do it on your own at home or have someone else do it for you.

    At The Clinic

    You will have to visit the doctor first at the clinic. The doctor will talk to you about the types of food you should eat before the procedure. You will also get a list of drugs you may need to take before microneedling. Usually, the doctor may tell you to take these drugs for about a month.

    What Else To Expect When Microneedling?

    Remember the drugs we mentioned? Well, these may be supplements. Most doctors would want you to take vitamins. The vitamins are beneficial for many reasons.
    The most important reason for taking vitamins is to help the body give out more of those essential proteins. If you have enough vitamins in your body, your skin will change faster. It may be time to stock up on those greens!

    Some people may have sensitive skin. They may feel more pain than others. Doctors usually give these people medicine to reduce the pain. Usually, some ointment for the face is enough to reduce the pain.
    In most cases, the doctor applies some medicine or numb cream to the face to stop any pain. When the procedure starts, you will hardly notice anything because of the numb cream the doctor applied.

    For some people, they may bleed during microneedling. It is normal to bleed at the clinic when microneedling. When it happens, do not be afraid. The doctor will take care of it after microneedling. The bleeding makes some people call microneedling the vampire facial.

    After the first session, nothing much will change. Your skin will still look as it used to. It is important to know that the change will come if you go for more sessions.

    The change starts at different times for different people. Some may see the difference after the second session, while others may notice the change after more sessions. If you haven’t noticed any change, do not be alarmed. Trust that your body is working behind the scenes to get you looking better than ever.

    At-Home Microneedling; How To Do Microneedling At Home?

    microneedling at home

    Don’t we just all want things to be simple and convenient? Most of us do. Derma rollers make microneedling really simple at home. For this reason, microneedling at home has become very popular.

    Firstly, you can easily find them online. However, you must be careful when ordering. To buy the derma roller on online, make sure that your source is trusted. For example, JJ ELLIE has many options for derma rollers and trusted reviews.

    Secondly, they are easy to use at home, so easy anyone can do it!

    Here are the steps for microneedling at home 

    1. Clean your face thoroughly. You want your face free from make-up or any dirt. 
    2. Do microneedling 10 - 15 times on the desired area of your face. You want to get every part of your face for the best look.
    3. Apply your skincare products after microneedling.
    4. Sanitize the device and then store it safely for future use.

    Sometimes you may feel some slight pain when microneedling, but this ends quickly.

    The cleaning is critical before microneedling. You want your face clean to stop any dirt from entering your face. Microneedling pricks your face, and sometimes dirt may enter your skin through the pricks.
    Microneedling from home sounds so attractive. Just think about it. Instead of having to wait in line at a clinic, you can do it whenever you feel like. You also don’t have to spend a fortune to look better.

    For the working man, microneedling at home takes a very short time. You just need like 1-5 minutes two times a week. The 10 - 15 minutes you spend in a week will result in a fully grown beard.
    Men usually want simple things when it comes to their care. Microneedling at home may be the simplest solution for all their beard growth problems.

    The Different Costs When Microneedling

    Microneedling at home is more affordable than micro needling at the clinic. You may have to visit the doctor many times before you get the look you want. Every visit will increase your bill for microneedling.
    Also, the doctor’s bill is not the only thing to worry about. Remember the medicine you may have to take or the face cream if you have sensitive skin? You’ll end up paying more than you expected.

    Each session at the clinic may cost between $100-$700. Let’s say the doctor tells you that you need five sessions for your face. Each session will cost you at least $100. So, for the clinic, you’ll end up spending at least $500, and this is before many other hidden costs.

    microneedling price

    If you decide to do it on your own at home, you only have to order the device online. It will be delivered right to your doorstep at a very affordable price.

    The derma rolling at home, you don't need to spend a lot of money that the product's cost less than $200. The price includes delivery. Most of them cost less than $50 and can last 2-3 months. So, 5 sessions are $500+, and 1 derma roller is $50 or less. It means that for 5 sessions at the clinic, you can buy enough derma rollers for more than two years. That is how affordable microneedling at home is
    Furthermore, you will get better deals by ordering online.

    Also, derma rollers can be used with other products. These can be oils or serums. Most companies sell them as care kits. The kits are cheaper than buying them separately.

    At the clinic, the doctor writes you a prescription. You may have to buy the drugs from a pharmacy. It may end up being very expensive.

    Where To Get Micro-Needling Products?

    Amazon has really good options for derma rollers. They cost between $10 and $200. Amazon delivers right to your doorstep.

    You can also get them from websites such as https://jjellie.com/. Their product costs between $10 and $50. Most of the products are sold in kits.

    For beard growth, the kit costs about $50. There is also one for an economical set that includes 4 microneedle heads (it will last more than 6 months). It costs less than $30. 


    The tiny needles on derma rollers can be dangerous. Germs may stick to them and enter your skin when you are microneedling.
    Always remember to sanitize your derma roller with 70% isopropyl alcohol before and after use a microneedle roller.

    After done your microneedling process, sanitize your roller and let it dry. After it dries, store it in a clean, dry container (JJ ELLIE offers a free container with all derma roller). It is now safe for use in the future.
    Similarly, doctors must also use 70% isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol kills almost all germs on the derma roller.

    What Are The Benefits of Micro-Needling?

    It is easy to get jealous or insecure because of looks. Some people appear younger than they are. Some may see themselves looking older than they wished.
    Microneedling is here to help us get the image we want. Pick two or three days of the week. Do this every week for a few months. You will wake up one day looking better than ever.

    Beards are now part of the manly look. Guys who don’t have beards are the butt of many jokes.

    So, what do you do when you’re the only one in your squad with no beard? Get yourself a beard kit. Use the heck out of it for two or three days every week. Then get a camera to record the shock when your friends see you.
    Your beard is now all they’ll be talking about.

    Additionally, micro-needling can help you save a lot of money. Just imagine what you’d spend on scary surgeries!

    Buy a $30 kit or less. Follow the kit instructions. Use the fortune you’ve saved to enjoy your life.

    Where Else Can Microneedle Roller Be Used?


    Microneedling has many uses. Others are also being discovered.
    The new uses are mostly for medicine, serum, and creams. Scientists are using them to make drugs enter the body faster through the skin.

    Delivering Drugs In The Body

    Derma roller uses

    Some medicines are usually applied to the skin. It takes a long time for these medicines to enter the body. Usually, it is because of the thickness of the skin. Microneedling pricks the skin and forms very tiny holes. The skin below these holes is thin. Therefore, the medicine enters the body faster through the holes.

    Doctors have tested many drugs with derma rollers. These drugs enter the body faster when used with derma rollers. You can also use this technique with your topical products such as serum and creams as well to maximizing the benefits of derma roller.

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Some people start to lose their hair early in life. Most of the time, it is a condition in the family. Some lose hair because of the medicine they are taking.

    Scientists are using micro needling to reduce hair loss. They are giving people with hair loss medicine for their condition. Before they apply the medicine to the area, they microneedle the area.
    (Pro Tips, you can use minoxidil with microneedle roller if you suffer in hair lose)
    From the results scientists have, microneedling is working for people with hair loss.


    We have discussed a lot on microneedling. You probably know more now about microneedling than before. It is easy to forget sometimes, that’s why we’ll finish off with some highlights,

    Firstly, micro needling is easy, comfortable, and guaranteed results at home. If you are a skincare person, this little tool must be included in your daily skincare routine.

    Secondly, you don’t need a lot of money to look young. You also don’t need scary surgeries. Just get affordable derma rollers and use them at home.

    Thirdly, the derma roller can be used for growing your beard and hair. Regrowth of hair and beard is now so simple. Buy the right beard kit online. Take some 2-5 minutes to do micro-needling. Do this twice a week for about 6 months. Watch as your beard grows.
    (Pro Tips, you must use a high-quality beard oil with real active ingredient)
    If you are using it for hair regrowth, use the roller with minoxidil.

    Lastly, micro-needling can help make your topical products enter even faster. (It increase absorption rate up to 300%. Typically the absorption rate of topical products is 0.2-0.4%).

    Remember that you do not invest a lot in skincare or hair and beard growth. There are many ways you can achieve your goal with a minimum spend.






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