Elevate your showers with Shower steamers, bombs, and melts.

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Bathroom time is intimate. No one wants any disturbance while in the bath or taking a shower. The long showers or luscious baths are sometimes so therapeutic, keeping us sane through the craziness around us. Once you add some bath bombs or shower steamers, a simple bath quickly turns into a healing session.

As therapeutic as they may be, there are a number of reasons why we cannot have as much bath time as we would want. Firstly, a good percentage of the population lives in apartments with no bathtubs. Also, we may want a quick therapy session that involves hot water and essential oils. Baths can be time-consuming, from setting them up to finally getting into the bath; however, showers can give us just what we want in a short period.

Showers, on the other hand, can be taken daily and quickly. In less than 5 minutes, you can be in and out of the bathroom. However, showers were limited in that they had fewer relaxation accessories. Now, a new beauty trend is making showers as popular as baths. Shower steamers, shower bombs, and shower melts are elevating the shower experience.

In our latest blog post, we review the new shower trends that may soon replace bath bombs in many houses. We also give insight into elevating your showering experience, including how to best take a relaxing shower in the evening using shower bombs.

Shower steamers

Shower steamers are beautifully scented parcels that take your showers to the next level. These parcels come in many shapes and sizes. They also come in many names. You can find them as shower steamers, or shower bombs, and even shower melts. They get their many names from how they work.

These life-changing beauty products make showering a more enjoyable experience. In case you want your shower to feel more like a spa, one of these is just enough. They are perfect for quick relaxation or a quick jolt of energy, depending on the scent selected.


Neatly wrapped in attractive packages, shower steamers are a joy to use. Firstly, you need to get your shower to the right temperature, then let it fill your bathroom with steam. After this, place the shower steamer on the floor of your bathroom, away from a direct stream of water. However, you want it close enough for some little splashes to hit the steamers. Those splashes of water are important because they activate the shower steamers.

For long, therapeutic showers, place your shower bombs as far away from the stream of water as possible. The less water they are exposed to, the slower they release their invigorating aroma. You get to enjoy your shower for as long as you are in that fragrant-filled atmosphere.

You can also quickly fill your shower with their beautiful scents by exposing the shower steamers to a stream of water. The reaction will take place quickly and you will have your shower instantly filled with sweet scents.

A crafty way of using your shower steamer is by hanging it on the wall. You can do this by placing them in an organza bag and hanging the bag on the wall. Ensure that you hang it at a safe distance away from your nose because the scent can be too strong when using this method.

How they work

Shower bombs are made with the same core ingredients that make bath bombs; citric acid and baking soda. Just like bath bombs, shower bombs need water to release their goodness. The water is crucial as it causes the reaction between the citric acid and baking soda.

Acids and bases usually react, releasing other substances; however, they need to be in the right state for them to react. In solid-state (in their powdered form), the citric acid (acid) and the baking soda (base) cannot react. In the case of bath bombs and shower bombs, introducing water makes this possible.

When we add water to them, there is also some fizziness we observe. The fizziness is the citric acid and the baking soda reacting and releasing gases. The gases then fill the shower or bath, giving a sauna-like experience. As the gases are released, the bath bombs give out the essential oils and scents packed into them.

Getting shower steamers

Given that they are now a popular beauty trend, you can purchase shower steamers from various online beauty sources. They come in various scents for you to choose from. Their prices start from as little as $2 for one. But, if you want to create your own showering experience, you can jump on to the latest trend, DIY shower steamers.

DIY shower steamers are quickly becoming popular as alternatives to ready-made shower steamers. Part of the reason for their growing popularity is the freedom one has while making them. You can make shower steamers with scents that are unique to you.

Another reason for their growing popularity is because of their simplicity. Crafting shower steamers is a straightforward process that requires the most basic of skills and understanding. Anyone with these attributes can make their own steamer. The ingredients are also easy to find and are quite cheap. You can easily use less than a dollar for one shower steamer by making it at home.

DIY shower melts

Shower melt ingredients

Shower melts (aka shower steamers/shower bombs) come in two main types, depending on their uses. The first type is the basic shower melt for aromatherapy and the second type is the shower steamer for decongestion. Because of their essential oils and other properties, the shower steamers can decongest a stuffy nose.

Now, the two types are made using the same ingredients; however, there are a few modifications to make them suitable for their work.

Aromatherapy shower melts

These are packed with aromatic essential oils, which are released into the shower once water activates the shower melt. You can customize your essential oil mixtures to get the aroma that best suits you.

A step by step guide

For the shower steamer recipe, you will need

  • 2/3 cups of citric acid
  • 2 cups of Baking soda
  • 20g of menthol crystals
  • 120 drops of essential oils of your choice
  • A 1/2 cup of cornstarch
  • Molds (such as silicone baking molds)
  • Alcohol solution (90%) or witch hazel
  • Colorants (optional)
  • Bowls and a dropper for essential oils

The steps are as follows,

  1. Dissolve the menthol crystals in a bowl by adding essential oils. Essential oils dissolve menthol crystals. If you do not want to add essential oils, dissolve the menthol crystals using rubbing alcohol.
  2. Combine cornstarch, citric acid, and baking powder in a bowl.
  3. Add the dissolved menthol crystals with essential oils into the dry mixture.
  4. Add the color and mix well to combine all the ingredients. Mixing the ingredients properly is essential in making your shower melts a success.
  5. The mixture should resemble wet sand once you are done. Squeeze it in your palm to check its readiness. If it holds together, the mixture is ready, if not, add some rubbing alcohol and continue mixing until it holds.
  6. Pack the mixture tightly into your mold. Once they assume the shape, remove them, and let them dry.
  7. Keep them away from any moisture to prevent the citric acid from activating.
  8. Add some essential oils after the melts dry. The scent usually disappears as they dry. The additional drops of essential oil compensate for the loss.
  9. Once they are fully dry, they are ready for use. Store them in an airtight container to increase their shelf life.

The menthol crystals are important as they amplify the aroma of essential oils. They also help them get released into the air. Most DIY shower melts that fail usually lack menthol crystals. For those that work, you may have to use an excess of essential oils to get the effect you desire.

To maintain safety while mixing, avoid exposing your hands to the essential oils directly. Essential oils, in their pure form, can be harmful to the skin. Use a glove while mixing with your hands.

Note: You can adjust your recipe using the ratios depending on the amount of shower steamers you want. You can also change the amount of essential oils to give you a milder or a stronger aroma as you desire.

Shower steamers for cold relief

For decongestion, ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, and eucalyptus are used. They have a therapeutic effect on blocked sinuses of congested noses. When combined with a hot shower, the shower steamers release steam that soothes coughs, clears sinus, and decongests the nose.

The step by step guide is similar to that of shower melts for aromatherapy; however, the ratio of the ingredients differ. For cold relief, more menthol (30g of menthol crystals using the same shower steamer recipe) is used because of its potency. Mixing other healing essential oils such as lavender or mint will also help with relaxation as menthol clears up the airways.

Know your shower bomb scents

Image showing different fragrant plants

As we have seen, shower melts come in different scents ranging from the soothing lavender to the invigorating citrus. These scents each serve a unique purpose. Knowing your scents helps you determine which shower bomb to use and at what time.

Mornings. Showers in the morning are there to pick you up for the day. Energy-giving fragrances such as citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary are perfect for a morning energy burst. Anything with citrus or fresh herb fragrances will get you ready for the day.

Evenings. Evening showers are about relaxation. You just want to wind down, relax, and enjoy the remainder of the day. Various fragrances help with this, but none does it better than lavender. Other fragrances with warm notes such as vanilla will also help with relaxation.

These are just the commonly available scents. There are many more shower bomb scents that exist. By grouping them into these two broad categories, you can get the best experience out of them.

The other category of fragrances is those that affect our moods. They are known as mood blends.

Mood blends. Some fragrances can affect our moods, therefore, how we think and feel. These fragrances can trigger some physical or emotional effect that changes our overall feeling. Some have antibacterial and antidepressant properties.

The following are fragrance blends and their benefits,

  • For fatigue– Basil, jasmine, lemon, and sandalwood fragrances will give you the energy to rid yourself of physical and mental fatigue.
  • Agitation– Chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood have a calming effect.
  • Memory – Scents like rosemary and peppermint are great memory boosters.
  • Anxiety or fear– The calming effect of sandalwood, lavender, and chamomile will help remove any feelings of anxiety or fear.

You can use these blends at whatever time of day to change your mood or to give you the strength to take on the tasks that await.

On safety, avoid any products that may trigger your allergies. Certain fragrances can trigger allergies in some people, which can range from mild to severe. Avoid any fragrance that contains ingredients you may be allergic to.

When to use shower bombs

Using shower bombs every day can make them lose their luster. So, when should you use them?

  1. On lazy days when you just want to relax. Shower bombs can easily replace spa days at home. When you combine the shower with other beauty processes such as face rolling with a rose quartz roller, you can create your own mini spa at home.
  2. To wake you up after a long night. There are mornings where our bodies feel extremely lazy. With the right essential oils, the shower bombs can give you a quick burst of energy giving you strength in the morning before you get your coffee.
  3. Some cold mornings come with congested airways. A therapeutic shower bomb with menthol and eucalyptus can quickly open up our airways, changing the whole mood of the day.
  4. After a long day, dropping one of these in the shower can prepare you for a calm evening and eventually sleep. Lavender shower bombs give the soothing effect that many will want in the evening.
  5. Feeling some muscle tension? Take a hot shower and throw in a shower bomb. Hot showers are known to relax muscle tension while reducing stress and anxiety. The shower bomb will add a soothing effect, amplifying the therapeutic effect of a hot shower.
  6. To change your mood at any time of the day. Throw one of the shower melts on the bathroom floor and feel your mood change as you enjoy the aroma-filled steam.

How to relax in the shower with shower steamers

Woman taking a shower

Throwing in a shower steamer is great for relaxation; however, you get your best showering experience by creating a relaxed atmosphere.

To enjoy your steamer,

  1. Make a relaxing shower playlist. Hit play to whatever genre of music that keeps you calm. The music will get you into a relaxed mood before you even get into the shower.
  2. Turn down the lights. Warm low lights create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing shower.
  3. Open the shower and get it to the right temperature. Allow the steam to partially fill the shower.
  4. Throw in the shower steamer and wait for the relaxing fragrance to fill the atmosphere.
  5. Enjoy your shower.

The atmosphere set up and the proceeding shower is enough to get you into a relaxed state for the evening.

More reasons to use shower bombs

Shower bombs are not only relaxing but also have other skin and health care advantages.

Firstly, shower bombs are good for your skin. They cleanse and soothe your skin leaving it looking velvety and youthful. Shower bombs also keep your skin moisturized for longer. Because they are natural, they have no chemical irritants that could harm your skin.

Secondly, they also have healing properties beyond what we already mentioned. The shower bombs deodorize the body, repair the skin, and strengthen the blood vessels. These healing effects result in healthier-looking skin.

These two advantages help keep the body fresher for longer. They also help maintain the body’s health.

Take away

Before shower steamers, baths were the most luxurious and relaxing sessions you could have from the comfort of your home. It also meant that you needed a functional bathtub to enjoy the effects of essential oils.

With a shower bomb, you can enjoy all your showers even in a cramped-up apartment. Moreover, they can transform your bathroom into a mini sauna without the occasional nakedness you see in professional saunas.

Shower bombs may soon become your best friend. If you have the time and the basic skills, make them from home. You can also purchase them cheaply from various stores, just ensure that they are of the best quality.

Elevate your showers, change your moods, and get some therapy with shower bombs!


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