How to use beard oil? Learn everything about beard oil before use.

How to use beard oil? Learn everything about beard oil before use.

Beard trend is back. You will learn about how to use beard oil to make your beard look better and healthier.

How to use beard oil? In this article, we will talk about the best way to use beard oil for facial hair!

The trend of classic beard is back, and men are wearing their facial hair pride nowadays. Bearded men are considered more fashionable and stylish in every way. People tend to think of a well-groomed bearded man more attractive then no facial hair. Due to the trend, men with hairless chin demands products that can accelerate the growth rate of facial hair.

Growing beard is affected by genetics and other biological factors that men cannot control. There is a hormone called testosterone, which determines if the beard will grow thicker and fuller or thinner and patchy. In other words, higher testosterone levels more effect beard thicker and fuller than a lower testosterone level. In fact, testosterone plays a huge roll in beard growth, there are many other factors we should know more about.

Besides genetics and testosterone, DHT hormones are also responsible for beard growth, thickness, and density. Also, people’s food habits, physical activity, and lifestyle affect significantly on growing facial hair. Besides the environment what is surrounding human, there are many things people can’t control to increase the growth rate.

Beard Care Products

There are many different beard care products. However, beard oil is the best product for maintain and growth of beard.

Product scientists have come up with to solve the problem. They developed products such as oil, shampoo, waxes, balm, and derma roller.

But among all, beard oils are considered to be the most effective, well-known products for beard growth. It is not only just increasing hair growth. In the East culture, it is also used for beard care and maintenance. The oil will nourish the facial hair, make your skin hydrated, and keep your scruff looking sharp and feeling soft. Like moisturizer for skin or conditioner for hair. Beard oil can be applied in several ways. 

Best Way To Apply Beard Oil For Growing Beard

The best ultimate way to increase the beard growth rate is by using a beard oil with a derma roller. The timing for applying beard oil is also critical after micro-needling even without it in a beard oil regime. The process is consisting of two steps. The first step is cleaning. The second step is massaging after applying beard oil. (If you are not using microneedle roller, but I highly recommend using both products together). 

Step 1

First of all, you need to clean your face thoroughly with fresh water. Beard oils work great when applied right after a hot shower when your facial hair is cleanest and softest. Steam will open up the clogged pores that make it easier to absorb the oil. If you don’t like to take a shower, you can clean your face with warm water instead.

Step 2

Take a clean microfiber towel or some facial tissue to pat dry your face. Make sure it is completely dry before you apply the oil.

Step 3

The third step is to pump the oil in your hand. Make sure you shake the bottle several times before opening the bottle. The amount is dependent on the length and thickness of your beard. If you have absolutely no facial hair, then one pump is sufficient for you. For the dropper instead of a pump, you can use 2 to 3 drops for a hairless. If more is needed considering the length and density of your beard, you add according to your necessity.

Put it in your hand and evenly distributed it then, start massaging your beard. Make sure the oil reaches the surface of your skin. Massaging upwards will help absorbing it into the skin. Keep moving your fingers along the side of your hair and those areas where you want facial hair to grow. Rub it for a moment both clockwise and anti-clockwise to increase the blood circulation underneath the skin; thus, the collagen level will boost up, increasing facial hair growth rate. 

Final Step

After massaging well, if there is any product left on your hand, you can surely use it in your chest area for better hair growth or move your fingers through your scalp and hair. Another effective way of using the oil is to use it with a derma roller, which is also known as micro-needling. If you are not sure what derma roller is, please check the article on what microneedling is. The method of using a derma roller is rolling the derma roller 10 to 15 times in one direction on the desired area then apply 3 to 4 drops on your face and spread it evenly.

You must use it or beard serum within 15 minutes when the microchannel opens after microneedling. The micro-needling process makes a good injury that manipulates your brain to heal at the injury area that reproduces the collagen to accelerate facial hair growth.

Pro Tips: Microneedling + Beard Oil

The official beard roller by JJ ELLIE

There are different sizes and varieties of derma rollers available in the market. It’s better to do your research before buying this tool. However, starting 0.25mm needle sizes is the safest way to start. Using a derma roller can cause redness or rashes primarily, but this is usual symptoms after microneedling. So, you don’t need to panic.

If you are new to the derma roller / microneedle roller, you should use microneedle roller 1-2 times per week before increasing the number of micro needling because your skin needs time to adapt the new environment. For those who have a hairless chin area, it’s better to shave for once before doing the micro-needling.

After the application process is complete, you need to style your beard and give it a perfect look with your face shape, brush it out with a facial hairbrush or a comb properly. Brushing is also a necessary step here as it touches our skin and raises the temperature a little bit, which increases blood flow in the jaw area.

How Often Use Beard Oil?

How To Use Beard Oil

How often a person will use beard oil will depend on his personalized needs and the desire to grow and maintain facial hair. One can be used it as often as they feel it is necessary without being too rigid to own skin. The good formulating Beard oil consists of carrier oil and essential oil, which help to prevent fungus in the skin, moisturize the skin, prevent beardruff, and stimulate hair growth in the jaw area or the empty spots.

The essential oil, which is one of the key ingredients, helps to maintain the balance of the PH level of your skin at the same time it assists in the balancing of the sebum production of our skin. This helps to decrease the impurities in your face, clear out acne and blemishes. Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner for your beard. The most important for styling by using it for a great looking; you shouldn’t use it too much. 

How Many Drops of Use For Beard Growth?

So how to find out how often you should use it to keep the balance? Too often will make your facial hair greasy, as well as leave your face oily for the day.

On the other hand, too little amount will give you a shaggy and flakey look. It is recommended to use it every morning or every night to get the attractive and muscular beard look you’ve been dreaming of.

If you already have very oily skin and not so dry facial hair, then you can use it every alternate day. But the amount is also essential. As beard oil has some strong substance infused into it, using it too much can cause redness, rashes, and peeling of the skin.

If you are starting your beard oil journey, you should have a clear idea about the quantity to use with high quality beard oil.

For the beard that is 1cm long, then 2 to 4 drops will be enough to cover the area. If your facial hair is 2cm to 8cm, then it is recommended to use 5 to 8 drops. Some people like to have a beard longer than 8cm to give it a Viking’s beard look by growing the extra hair length on the chin area, 15 drops should be good enough, but it depends on the beard thickness and density as well.

If you like to learn more about What Does Beard Oil Do?

Please check this article:

DIY Beard Oil

DIY Beard Oil

If people who can’t invest money for the beard oil, then they can try DIY beard oil. DIY beard oil defiantly helps you maintain your beard healthier. Still, if you are looking for growing a beard, then a little investing money will definably worth your time and effort because the growth beard rate highly depends on the correct formulation and high active ingredients.

Beard Oil Recipe With Natural Ingredients

  • ¼ cup of pure organic castor oil 
  • ¼ cup of pure organic argan oil 
  • 1 Tbsp of hemp seed oil 
  • 5-10 drops of any of essential oils: thyme, lemongrass, essential oil, cedarwood 


      Combine all the ingredients into a dark or amber-colored glass dispenser bottle and shake well until combine. Dispense 5-10 drops in your hands and massage into your beard daily.

      How To Make Beard Oil / DIY Beard Oil

      Should I Wash Face To Remove The Beard Oil?

      The most suitable time to apply beard oil is nighttime. After completing the skincare, apply the beard oil and massage over your face. You can cleanse your beard oil the next morning. But if you don’t like your beard oil at nighttime, you can use the beard oil at any time of the day. Leave it for two to three hours and then wash it off with warm water. However, if you are using a beard oil made with high-quality natural ingredients, you may not need to wash off the beard oil just because of removing the beard oil. 

      At Night Use For Your Facial Hair

      For getting the best result for a growing beard at night time should be the first option. In this way, the oil gets more time to absorb into the skin, and the ingredients can go deeper into your skin. Also, more collagen is producing while you are sleeping. Applying it on hairs or beards in the morning shouldn’t be your first option for the growth of a beard. Because some low-quality beard oil would make your beard greasy, that might cause stick more dust and pollutants to hairs, which will have adverse effects on facial hair growth and might cause irritation and increase beard ruffs. But using any product is depends upon the user’s convenience. Some people found applying the beard oil in the morning is more effective than at night.

      Benefits of using beard oil

      Because of the trend, more and more men are trying to grow beards on their faces nowadays, the popularity of beard oil has become increased. While beard oil does not guarantee 100% about the growth of new facial hair, these beard oil products work wonders to get rid of dry, flaky skin underneath the beard that can be irritating and frustrating.

      By using a high-quality beard, oil one can surely achieve a faster hair growth rate, thicker beard, moisturized, shiny, polished facial hair, and overall a fuller and gentler outlook. Some people are facing the problem of a flakey beard. The hairs tend to have more breakage, causing a dirty and shaggy look. Choosing high-quality beard oil can solve the issue to a certain extent. These beard oil at the same time works as a styling agent as it helps soften and tame the beard. It also does double-duty of hydrating and moisturizing the skin so that the skin becomes more suitable to grow thicker and shinier facial hair.

      Moreover, beard oil also helps to remove the itchiness of the skin under the beard. It will also provide a complimentary scent and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. In a word, the beard oil has become a must-have product for the man in this twenty-first century.

      JJ ELLIE Beard Oil

      Natural Beard Oil

      JJ ELLIE is a leading home skincare device brand. We are manufacturing a high-quality derma roller/microneedle roller that is well-known as a beard roller. In fact, JJ ELLIE is the first brand adapted derma roller into the beard care industry. If you are looking for a high-quality beard growth kit, you can check Derma Roller Beard Kit Edition. It will help you with managing and growing beard at the same time.

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