Derma Roller For Hair Regrowth 0.25mm

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Facing a myriad of challenges is common, but hair loss shouldn't be one of them. Imagine being able to stimulate hair growth right in your living room. Now, it's time to integrate the groundbreaking technology of the micro derma roller into your daily hair regrowth regimen.

The Micro Hair Derma Roller is a portable, user-friendly tool equipped with microneedles. It's designed to reach the deeper layers of your scalp, promoting quicker hair regrowth and contributing to a fuller, healthier head of hair.


  • Improve Absorption - Our device can boost the effectiveness of your topical treatments by aiding their penetration.

  • Effortless and Painless - The creation of microscopic channels using 540 titanium micro-needles significantly enhances absorption, making the treatment painless and straightforward.

  • Promote Growth Factors - The Micro Hair Derma Roller stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors, encouraging the infusion of these microscopic channels with new collagen and elastin.


    USA: 5-10 Business Days

    International: 10-15 Business Days

    540 Titanium Needle


    Don’t give up on your hair! You can grow it back, even in places where you thought it was gone forever.Discover the transformational results of using No More Patchy.

    Increase absorption

    Enhances the effectiveness of topical treatments by aiding their penetration.

    Painless and easy to use

    The absorption is significantly enhanced through the creation of microscopic channels by 540 titanium micro-needles.

    Stimulates growth factors

    Stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors prompts the filling of microscopic channels with fresh collagen and elastin.


    The formula of No More Patchy features innovative key ingredients that synergistically work together, utilizing complementary pathways to promote the appearance of healthier and fuller hair.

    Minoxidil 10%

    Minoxidil 5% not strong enough? No problem. Our advanced formula with 10% minoxidil aids blood flow to hair follicles, promoting hair regrowth.

    Citric Acid

    High, alkaline pH levels in shampoos and cleansers can be harmful to your hair and scalp. Our formula contains Citric Acid, which lowers the pH levels to a healthy range, leaving you with stronger, healthier hair and scalp.


    Caffeine from coffee stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, promoting regrowth. Our high-quality caffeine-infused formula accelerates hair regrowth and strengthens strands for healthier, fuller hair.


    We conducted a study involving two distinct groups. One group underwent microneedling for hair regrowth, while the other group served as a control group for a duration of 6 to 10 weeks.


    Showed the improving hair growth compared to control group.


    Of patients reported improvement of hair density compared to control group.


    The majority of participants expressed high levels of satisfaction with the treatment, reporting no adverse effects.


    Discover the reason why top dermatologists worldwide are recommending JJ ELLIE products to their patients.