Beard Roller A to Z: All You Need to Know

Beard Roller A to Z: All You Need to Know

It is no news that any form of hair loss on the beard area can be quite distressing for men who are fond of growing facial hair. Most men are curious to find out products that can play a significant role in their beard growth journey; Beard roller, a.k.a Derma Roller goes a long way in solving this problem of curiosity.

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What Is Beard Roller?

Beard Roller is a fascinating little tool containing several numbers of tiny needles, used to stimulate the growth of beards. A Beard Roller is made up of a metal molded, crafty handle fabricated with a technology called rubber-resist, with 540 titanium needles.

The beard roller works by penetrating the skin’s outer layer and creating several microscopic channels leading to the activation of new follicles and tissues while utilizing the body’s natural healing process.

Beard rollers over the beards with the sole purpose of enhancing the production of collagen for beard growth are called micro-needling.

Micro-needling or beard rolling is defined as the act of moving over the beard area with an instrument containing tiny needles to stimulate enough collagen production needed for the growth beards. A lot of people would get terrified at the mere sight of needles; well, there is no cause for alarm because the needles used in beard rollers are harmless.  

It is important to note that beard rolling therapy is 100% tested and trusted. Individuals who have difficulties in the growth of their beards use derma rolling therapy to enhance hair growth. It is not necessary to use the beard roller more than four times a week as the skin requires enough time between to regenerate. 

The beard roller is a personal tool and should not be shared; it has a finite lifetime of around two to four months. Replacement is needed whenever you find out that the needles are no longer sharp enough to penetrate deep into the skin quickly.

The beard roller is a reasonable price and safe method of inducing the growth of beards by supporting blood circulation, keratin, and collagen production. It has been scientifically established to work on scalp hair and facial hair. 

How To Choose Best Beard Roller

Purchasing an item is not always a natural choice to make because buyers are afraid of not getting the value of their money. Buying the best beard roller/ derma roller is equivalent to getting a good value for the money spent. Hence, the need to know the factors to consider when purchasing a beard roller. The factors include;

who to choose derma roller

1. Blade Material

It is essential to carefully lookout for the material with which the beard roller is fabricated. The blades of rollers are made up of either titanium or stainless steel.

Beard roller made with stainless steel is comparatively cheaper than the beard roller made with titanium.

Titanium beard rollers are more durable than the stainless-steel beard roller as the titanium needles are light in weight, durable, and decay-resistant. The strength of titanium is very well suited to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

A titanium blade is not likely to break if the roller falls, hence its reason for being more expensive.

2. Needle Size

Some specific needle sizes will be efficient to induce the hair follicles, that is why it is imperative to always check the size of the needle before purchasing them as the length goes a long way to ensure the achievement of better results. However, it also needs longer recovery time. Considering the needle size is the most important thing as this would penetrate the skin and help produce collagen.

The most suitable sized needles are in the range of 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm.

  • 0.25mm does not cause any pain or bleeding.
  • 0.3mm-0.5mm can be a bit painful and can cause minimal bleeding.
  • 0.75mm-1.0mm can be very painful and can cause excessive bleeding.

Generally, a needle having a size of 0.25mm will be enough to induce blood circulation to the beard area. Still, to enable the secretion of collagen and also reach the area of the follicle, needles of 0.5mm – 0.75mm should be used as they are more efficient in stimulating the production of collagen and in achieving the follicles also.

Rollers with 1.5mm needle size are designed for the body and are meant to be used by professionals only.

3. Needle Number

A modern-day beard roller consists of 540 thin needles which are densely spread over the roller and are responsible for the production of extra collagen. As a result, they penetrate the skin less painfully, thereby making the process more result yielding as compared to the previous versions. The earlier versions of rollers which had just 200 needles, widely spread, and thus required extra rolling, making the process much more time consuming and painful.

How To Make Use Of A Beard Roller

Purchasing a Beard roller is the first step in the right direction, but you must know how to use it for better results. Below are steps to follow when making use of a Beard roller.

  1. Firstly, brush your beard. Make sure it is tug-free before you commence piercing.
  2. Take hold of the roller and use it to run through the hair on your face. Ensure you do this evenly and thoroughly. 
  3. Carry out this process 2-3 times weekly if you are new to beard roller/derma roller. 

When using the Beard roller on your facial hair, try and apply in every direction. Start the application by moving the roller up and down, right and left. This process should be done all over the entire beard multiple times. This process enables you to acquire even skin puncture, giving room for more consistent growth results.

This process should be accompanied by the use of beard oil, except in cases where the makers of the roller suggest otherwise. If you follow these guidelines, then you should start noticing some visible changes in the overall condition of your beard. Maintaining this rolling process guarantees you to have a more consistent result. However, proper findings need to be carried out before utilizing the roller in the first place. 

Similar to any other sort of grooming technology, it all comes down to the general state of the roller itself. If you purchase a beard roller that lacks enough quality and needles to move through your facial hair, then you should not be surprised when you see less impressive results. 

How Long Will I Use The Roller?

When monitoring the result obtained by making use of the Beard roller, ensure you make compare it with a yardstick of what the beard looks like with the regular use of a beard roller after a time duration and without the frequent application of a Beard roller. The best way to do this is to take a photo of what your beard looks like before you start using the roller, and after 12 weeks of use, take another picture. Compare both images to see if it has worked for you.

Also, ensure you clean up your roller immediately after every use. Regular clean-up of the roller necessary if you want it to last long. If you don’t regularly clean up your roller, then you have to get a replacement for hygiene. This act will go a long way to avoid getting an infection.

Consistent cleaning and regular use of your Beard roller will produce the result you desire in the long-term. 

Beard Roller / Derma Roller Results

You will have to use for after six weeks; results of using beard roller include the following;

  • Enhances the supply of collagen resulting in beard growth
  • Stimulates blood flow that helps to keep the skin healthy
  • Prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Beard roller / Derma roller Increases the production of collagen and elastin.

Beard Roller Review

There are many beard roller companies, and all the beard roller/derma rollers are identical looking. However, the quality of the needles is not the same. 

By now, you should know what type of needle and needle sizes you should need to choose for your beard roller to achieve your goal faster and safer. 

Here is high quality, the first beard care roller in the Market from JJ ELLIE. JJ ELLIE derma roller was well-known to skincare lovers because JJ ELLIE uses only high-quality needles and most up to date needle generation (JJ ELLIE uses 4th generation needle, but most other brands still use 2nd or 3rd generation needles). 

Recently, JJ ELLIE launched Beard Growth Kit as the Founders Edition. Frank, the founder of JJ ELLIE, fascinated his skincare and beard growth. He led the project and chose the high-quality active ingredients in the beard oil that comes with Beard Growth Kit. Check out the product review below. 

beard roller review 1

beard roller review 2

JJ ELLIE Beard Care Products

1. JJ ELLIE Derma Roller 

JJ ELLIE Original Derma Roller

This beard roller produced by JJ ELLIE possesses 540 microneedles made of titanium material. With each needle having a size of 0.25mm, which ensures a harmless beard rolling process on your beards. This is the JJ ELLIE’s Original Beard Roller / Derma roller. 

The fascinating part of it is that it is budget-friendly, with exceptional ratings and reviews by its users.

Also, you can use the JJ Ellie derma roller with beard oil at the same time but cannot make apply minoxidil immediately after. Minoxidil can be applied on the beards every other day, but not on the same day you used the roller, as this may sting. 


  • Easy and safe for home use (JJ ELLIE ORIGINAL BEARD ROLLER).
  • This roller possesses high-quality needles.
  • It has a needle size of 0.25mm.
  • It does not inflict pain.
  • It causes less irritation.
  • Perfect for all types of skin.
  • Made of Titanium Material.

2. JJ ELLIE Glow Adventure Rose Quartz Roller

Rose Quartz Roller

This Rose Quartz Roller was carefully crafted to help diminish the presence of fine lines, trigger collagen production, and maximizing the blood circulation. 

Furthermore, it aids the reduction of toxic build-up, enhances easy adoption of your day-to-day face products, promotes the circulation of blood, which tightens your skin, and increases elastin. 

The JJ Ellie Glow Adventure Rose Quartz Roller was formed from 100% top-quality natural rose quartz stone from Brazil. 


  • Maximizing the blood circulation that boosts collagen reproduction.
  • Handmade.
  • Made from 100% pure rose quartz stone.
  • Noise Free.
  • Complete rose frame design.

3. JJ ELLIE Derma Roller Beard Kit Edition

Beard Growth Kit

The JJ Ellie Derma Beard Kit Edition is a little hand-held skincare device that has embedded microneedles that aid the production of collagen.

The beard growth kit edition contains an original beard roller with 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. 


  • Founders Edition for the extensive beard growth 
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • High-Quality Active Ingredients
  • Easy and safe for home use.
  • 0.25mm Needle size (Titanium Material).
  • The roller is painless.
  • Bundle with Beard Roller with Beard Oil

Does Beard Roller Really work?

If you are seeking for a way to nurture your beard to attain that thickness you desire or something to use that will enhance beard growth, there are possibilities that you may have seen the beard roller tool. Now, you may be wondering: Does beard rollers work as people claim? 

Beard Roller Review

The answer is yes! Beard rollers work by penetrating deep into the skin area growth of the hair is desired, producing several microscopic channels that stimulate the natural healing process of the body. This process causes collagen to be produced, thereby stimulating beard growth and increasing keratin production. Since collagen and keratin are both essential components of the real facial hair that emanates from the follicles and the androgenic hormones fuel the growth, it is logical to say that this results in an increased rate of natural beard growth.

How Keratin And Collagen Stimulates Facial Hair

The science behind how collagen and Keratin aid the production of healthy facial hair growth is not a mystery. However, it is not as simple as you may think, but for easy understanding, we are going to break it down a little bit. 

Firstly, when making use of a beard roller, it compels collagen to be released and transmitted to the skin surface to start the healing process. Here is the best part: Not only does collagen heal the skin, but it also sponsors the formation and maintenance of healthy hair follicles.

Collagen is a very crucial structural protein that constitutes about 25 percent of the total amount of protein of the body. This collagen aids in healing the skin and its importance to the hair follicles cannot be overemphasized. Hair follicles require protein to function correctly, most notably the collagen directed into over-production from beard roller.

Also, for hair follicles to continue reproducing and to remain healthy, lots of collagen are needed. Therefore, since the beard roller stimulates the production of collagen, it assists in conveying much-needed collagen to your hair follicles. This collagen thickens and nourishes your facial hair.

Here is another exciting part about beard roller: Beard rollers triggers your body to release surplus amounts of keratin as a result of the damage created. Keratin is known to be another structural protein, but instead of being beneficial to the hair follicle and skin cells like collagen, it is sufficient for the hair itself. 

Keratin is the primary protein that constitutes the makeup of our hair. Therefore, increasing of keratin production in the skin will help in your hair growth. Keratin causes your hair to produce more rapidly. It also ensures stronger and thicker.

Beard Rollers Before And After

The majority of people with little or no hair reported having experienced an enhanced facial and scalp hair after the use of a beard roller. Below are some photos revealing the after-effects of using a Beards Roller. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it alright if I shave before making use of a Roller?

The answer is Yes! It is a whole lot better to shave making use of a derma roller. Cutting your beard will help you get an early result. 

2. Does using a Beard Roller have any side effects?

Side effects after the use of a beard roller depend on the length of the needle. If you make use of a roller with a 0.25mm needle, you will not experience any side effects. They do not inflict pain and will not cause bleeding. With an increase in size comes an increase in the level of pain. This may also result in minimal bleeding. 

Now, let’s see some needle length and their effects:

  • 0.3-0.5mm can cause minimal bleeding and a little bit of pain
  • 0.75-1.0mm causes much bleeding and is very painful.

Aside from the effects stated above, there are other side effects that a roller cause. The Beard Roller is not something new. It is effective and safe for use.


If you fall into the category of individuals struggling with a patchy, thin, or wispy beard, you might just consider purchasing a beard roller. Having to deal with a patchy beard is not fair for you, most notably when an uncomplicated solution like a beard roller is just at your doorstep. This remarkable tool stimulates quicker, fuller, and thicker beard growth. 

I will recommend you visit You will only get top quality products. Get a Beard roller today!


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