Therapeutic Grade Lavender Shower Steamers 10pc

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Are you looking for a therapeutic spa while you are taking shower?

Do you want to feel the luxurious aromatherapy at your home?

If the above questions are "Yes" to you, then you would love our "RELAX" therapeutic aromatherapy shower steamers.

The "Relax" used lavender and it was grown in the USA. We carefully harvested and handmade all our shower steamers with the cold-press technique.  

Benefits: Lavender is a well-known natural therapy top ingredient resource for relaxation, depression, and insomnia. If you are looking for a solution to calm, relax and relieve insomnia, this will be your soon-to-be best friend. 

Our shower steamer comes with a home aromatherapy guidebook to maximize your aromatherapy at home. 


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