JJ ELLIE Derma Roller For Hair Regrowth : Microneedling Hair Reproduction Roller 0.25mm

JJ ELLIE Derma Roller For Hair Regrowth : Microneedling Hair Reproduction Roller 0.25mm

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Do you have a receding hairline? You might think it isn’t possible to change what mother nature gave you. But that’s because you haven't tried the most convenient solution of a Micro Hair Derma Roller. Welcome to at-home dermatology for improved hairlines. You’re welcome.

Your Hair Regrowing Journey Starts with JJ ELLIE

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It’s designed to diminish balding Spots and say goodbye to thinning hair.

Do we have your attention? With frequent use of this small hand-held Micro Hair Derma Roller your hair styling routine just got a lot simpler. Each tool is designed with microneedles that aim to reach the inner surface of your scalp to promote faster hair regrowth for healthier hair. Not only can this hair growth tool be used for your head. Did you know? This dual functioning design can be used on your face as a normal derma roller to increase the production of collagen as well as promote hair growth on your head? Say goodbye to your receding hairline AND acne scars and aging skin.

The benefits of using a derma roller: (besides looking good looking.)

It promotes the reproduction of collagen to hair growth. Collagen is the leading protein structure that stops hair loss. With less irritation, painless application your hair growth is just a roll away. So do you want to have a healthier scalp to hold stronger hair? Get rid of bald spots? And start to look 100% more gorgeous? We thought you did.

Start your hair growth journey, today:

  1. Add to cart.
  2. Wash your hair.
  3. Roll gentle into your hairline and on your head (specifically on your hair loss spots)
  4. After use, style your hair as normal.
  5. Use 3-4 times a week for optimal results.
  6. Replace the product once every 1-2 months if using frequently.

Be sure to disinfect BEFORE and AFTER use with an alcohol solution.

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