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    Introducing the innovative home beard growth product.

    The Micro Derma Roller is a small hand-held rolling home beard growth tool with microneedles that reach the inner surface of your skin to promote collagen reproduction and many other benefits. 

    We care about customers' beard journey and we want them to have better results. JJ ELLIE provides 30 days of 1:1 customer management program. Inside the program, we give 1:1 advice, reminder messages, and share other useful information. Don't miss your opportunity.



    Why the JJ ELLIE Beard Roller & Not Others?

    Frank, the founder of JJ ELLIE discovered derma rollers when searching for an affordable way to clear his acne scars. 

    While he used the roller on the face for his dedicated skincare, he realized the collagen reproduction also helpful to boost beard growth.

    After he found the great results, he implements the derma roller to the next level, especially for beard growth.

    Benefits for your beard journey:

    • Fill the patch spots.
    • Experience a more fuller beard.
    • Boost collagen reproduction.
    • Increase blood flow.
    • Increases the effectiveness of beard care products by over 200%.

    More Collagen Production For Fuller Beard With Beard Roller

    You can now improve collagen production. Collagen production is an essential fact to regrowth the beard. Moreover, you will get up to a 200% increased absorption rate.

    Utilizing both collagen production and absorption rate for your next level confident with a full beard using your JJ ELLIE Beard Roller. It creates less irritation with finer microneedles for a faster-improving for beard reproduction.


    • 30 Days 1:1 Care Program.
    • High-Quality Microneedles.
    • Safe and easy to use for growing beard at home.
    • 0.25mm Microneedle.
    • Less irritation so it can be used once a week instead of once every 2 weeks.
    • Painless and no bleeding
    • Great for all skin types.
    • It is not a medical device. This is designed for a home skincare products. 

    Directions of use:

    Disinfect BEFORE and AFTER procedure with an alcohol solution.

    1. Wash your face.
    2. Apply gentle pressure on your skin. 
    3. Apply your beard oil or minoxidil after use.
    4. Use once a week for optimal results.
    5. Replace the product once every 1-2 months if using frequently.

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