Shower steamer is a delicate spa product but depends on how to use it, the product could give you the benefits or not.
The first time I used the shower steamer was in 2018 when Lush introduced a shower bomb in Canada. It was great and sensation for people like me who enjoying bath spa. I am a big fan of spa and obsess with morning baths since I was a teenager.

The difference between bath and shower with aromatherapy, the bath can give benefits to the skin. However, shower aromatherapy controls the mode with the essential oil (Highly recommend using therapeutic grade essential oil). Therefore, the shower steamer can give a lot of benefits that bath can't give.

I have been using more than 1000's shower steamers by myself and develop the shower steamers for the best use of home therapy.
Based on the experience and development of the steamer, I would like to introduce how to use it properly. 


  • Shower Steamer should be placed dry area and the steamer shouldn't sink into the water while you are taking shower.
  • Must use hot water with heavy hydraulic pressure (Heavy pressure water is not mandatory but it makes better vapor which is very important to deliver the scent while taking a breath). However, the heavy hydraulic pressure shouldn't be directly hit the shower steamer. Make the water indirectly hit the shower steamer.
  • Depends on the size of the shower booth, you may place your shower steamer closer to you but make sure to keep the rules above.
  • If you are taking a 5-10 minutes shower, it will be perfect for one tablet. If your steamer remains more than half after 10 minutes long shower, it means the indirect water was not reached enough. Then you should consider placing your steamer a little closer to you.
  • Do not place your shower steamers around the drain. The drain will be the lowest spot in the shower booth. So, please away from the lowest spot.

Examples of the
Shower Booth


If the drain is located at the center, then you have 4 different spots to use for the shower steamers. But depends on where your water coming from you may need to test the spot. If the steamer is too far from your body then the steamer barely meets the indirect water. In this case, place your steamers a little closer to the drain.

TIP: Try to stay away nearby the door.


Similar to type A, but the drain is located at the one side of the corner. Besides the drain and where the door is located, you can choose from the 3 spots.

Again, it doesn't have to be at the corner. Your shower steamer could be a little bit closer to you. (NOT THE DRAIN in this case).


This type could be the most commonly used shower area if people don't have a shower booth (If people take shower in the bathtub).

The most important thing in Type 3, make sure hot vapor stays in the bathtub. What it means, you must use the shower curtain to make the shower area enclosed.

Unlike the square form, you may need to adjust the location of shower steamers to closer to you to deliver the scent to you. 

For people who have different shapes of the shower booth, you can try to place it at the corner of the booth first and see how the scent delivers to you. If it is not strong enough, try to move the shower steamers a little closer to you. But make use apply the two rules talked about earlier.