Behind the JJ ELLIE

JJ ELLIE Is #DYSH (Do Your Skincare at Home)

At JJ ELLIE, we believe in bringing truth to beauty, which means total transparency with ingredients of formula and cutting-edge technology. Moreover, our motto is all our customers do self-skincare at home but get results as similar as people would have at professional spa or dermatology.
JJ ELLIE strives to empower through innovated dermatology/spa skincare product at home because we believe beauty can change an individual's life and give confidence at the same time. We want you to hustle and be boss babes (and guys), so while you’re building your empire, we’re committed to making sure your skincare routine remains easy as effective and stress-free as you would have treatment at dermatology.

Our Founder's Story

Hi, my name is Frank Choi, founder of JJ ELLIE. I was born in South Korea. As many people already know, South Korea is the country leading cosmetic industry in the world. Since I was young, I was into cosmetics especially dermatology because I had oily skin, and easily got skin trouble and often visited dermatology. However, I realized to get better skin and keep the condition, I need to understand what type of cosmetic I need to use for my skin. In the results, I can manage my skin with less expenses but as similar results as treatment at dermatology or spa.
I believe, all people can get as similar results as having treatment at dermatology or spa if they know what they need to do and use.

The JJ ELLIE Promise

  • Create product line that gets to the root of problems, not just to cover them up temporarily.
  • Use fresh natural ingredients, sourced from South Korea.
  • Transparency ingredients and the best match ingredients for the purpose of the product.
  • Use only new materials.